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Star-Crossed Marmots
by Stony on July 12, 2008

Mount Evans is a place of many adventures. It turns out that love can be an adventure, too.

On Saturday, July 12, I accompanied some marmot friends of mine on a hike to the top of Mount Evans, a 14,264 foot high mountain in Colorado. While on my way up I had chance to look down and see the marmot version of Romeo and Juliet. The two star-crossed lovers were separated by a ten foot asphalt roadway and kept trying to meet in the middle as cars attempted to negotiate the marmot obstacle. Fortunately there were no marmot fatalities, although there were a few close calls. I sure hope these two adventurers solve whose side of the road they want to live on. From the top of Mt. Evans we could look down and see the cars and Mount Bierstadt among other things. I felt like I was on the top of the world! I also had a chance meeting with a small herd of Colorado Mountain Sheep that were there enjoying lunch. I also had my first taste of Geocaching, although we didn't find the cache, the search was fun. The whole trip was very exciting for this Canadian Marmot and I'm looking forward to my next adventure with my marmot friends.

Romeo Marmot and Juliet Marmot.
(taken by Doug on July 12, 2008)
Stony Marmot on the peak of Mount Evans.
(taken by Doug on July 12, 2008)

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