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A Return to Estes Park, part 1
by Stormy on August 08, 2008

Stormy's annual trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park was a Stormy one.

Once again I headed up to the Rocky Mountain National Park for a weekend of hiking in the mountains. Friday night I rode up to Estes Park for a weekend of adventures in the mountains. With me were Snow, Stoney and Summer. The weather was good for most of the way up, but after passing Lyons it started to drizzle. The on again, off again drizzle lasted the whole way, but the skies didn't open up until we were safe at our hotel. It rained all night. I sat on the windowsill, looking out, wondering how the weekend would go. I really had my heart set on this trip!

Approaching Estes Park. The peaks of the Rocky Mountain National Park, directly ahead, are covered in clouds.
(taken by Max on August 08, 2008)
Early evening in Estes Park.
(taken by Max on August 08, 2008)

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