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Super Bowl XLIV
by Stormy on February 07, 2010

The marmots are watching! Who do they root for?

Ex-El-Aye-We? Super Bowl fans sure are cryptic! What in the world does that mean? All the marmots have gathered together to watch the game on the big screen. It's really big! It's bigger than the eight of us put together! That's a big screen! So as the game was starting up, we talked about who we want to win. Turns out that this year the teams playing are the Colts and the Saints. Colts are horses and Saints are really, really good guys, so this makes a dilemma for us. Only the bad guys don't root for the really good guys, right? I mean, who doesn't like a saint? But Colts. They're animals. Marmots are animals. And mammals, too! A really tough choice. So isn't there a Marmot team? Or Squirrels? Or even Prairie Dogs? Wouldn't that sound nice? The Rocky Mountain Marmots. They can be in the same league with the Black Forest Squirrels and the High Plains Prairie Dogs and the Cavern Packrats. That would make for an easy choice of who to root for. The Colts or the Saints or the Marmots? Yeah! We're all for the Marmots! How many marmots do you need to start a team? You can even regionalize, like the Colorado Yellow-Bellied Marmots and the Appalachian Groundhogs and the Canada [Vancouver] Islanders! (Oh, I think they already have that team!) How about a Marmota league? Who do we petition? But today the choice is tough. Quadruped mammals or the really, really good guys? We're still debating…any input from other fans?

Game about to start. Who's got the Bud Light and the Doritos?
(taken by Stormy on February 07, 2010)
One coin toss and we're ready to start!
(taken by Stormy on February 07, 2010)

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