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A Tiger for the New Year
by Stormy on February 14, 2010

In the face of a changing world, we have a tiger on the horizon.

Some of the world's oldest calendars are lunar calendars. The Hebrew Calendar (now year 5770), the Hindu Calendar (now year 5110), the Islamic Calendar (now year 1431). Lunar calendars are based on the phases of the moon and the new moon is the start of the month and, annually marks the start of the year. Perhaps the most festive and colorful of the cultures that follow the lunar calendar are the Chinese and today is the Chinese New Year (start of year 4708), the beginning of the year of the yang metal tiger. The Chinese calendar is broken up into twelve year cycles, each year being represented by a different animal of the Chinese zodiac. In addition, the decades are broken into two year periods of the heavenly stems, made up of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – and each two year period is divided into the Yin and Yang forms. Thus, tonight we enter the year of the Yang Metal Tiger (庚寅虎). In Chinese astrology destiny is determined by the placement of the stars and by the astrological season of the Chinese calendar. Chinese astrologers say that 2010 will be a hard year, filled with disasters, conflict and aggression. The financial markets are being forecast as being aggressive and volatile as they claw their way upwards, trying to recover from recession. The recklessness and impatience of this astrological year is predicted to result in significant changes in the years to come and are being touted as a “strange combination of circumstances”. The year of the Yang Metal Tiger is said to have no relevance to individual luck, just a strong influence on the world that we live in. Happy New Year, tigers?

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