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Delaware Weather
by Stormy on February 15, 2010

A follow-up on the weather.

One of my astute readers notified me today that my weather prediction is being referenced on line. “Really?” I thought. My buddy Nick Carter talked about me every now and again back when he was working weather on Denver KUSA, Channel 9. One year we even did the weather together from Denver's Washington Park at the Dumb Friends League's Furry Scurry charity event. Nick has since moved on to KDVR, Channel 31, and does not do the same crazy live broadcasts he used to do in his youth. Naturally, I was curious to see who's picking up on my weather reports. I followed the link I was given to a report by Kelly Housen on DelawareOnline, a subsidiary of the News Journal, one of the many news outlets owned by the Gannett Company. In her article, “Snow snow, go away, only come back Christmas Day”, Ms. Housen cites me, along with a number of other famous marmots and groundhogs as predicting six more weeks of winter. It seems that Ms. Housen had requested an early spring and all of us blew it for her. Wow. I feel bad. I'm going to have to call Punxsutawney Phil and discuss this matter with him, since he's our senior weatherman in the marmot circles, but he's hibernating until the last week of March, so everyone will need to be patient. For the short term all I can say to Ms. Housen is that I'm terribly sorry about this misunderstanding. I realize that the eastern portion of the United States was hammered by several significant storms and caused a great inconvenience and a tremendous productivity loss, but it's important for me to stress that groundhogs, and marmots in general, do not create the weather. We merely predict it based on time proven observations. Most of us called for six more weeks of winter and so far we hit it right on the nose for 2010. I wish we had some pull with Mother Nature, as I for one would love to frolic in green meadows and enjoy spring flowers well ahead of the regular season, but the ultimate weather decision is simply not ours to make. I've made a note to put in a request for Ms. Housen next year just before Groundhog Day, but I do believe that P. Phil will veto it because we must remain impartial in the matters of weather. I do appreciate the mention. It's wonderful to see that my own reporting is being followed.

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