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Letters From Home
by Snow on February 27, 2010

We get mail. Sometimes our mail is just a lot of fun!

Back at the end of January of this year I received an e-mail from Heather at Stuffed Animal House. It read,
Hi Snow

Hope you are having a wonderful life in Colorado. We love and miss you. Love from all your family in Canada.
Now is that a great e-mail or what? There is a backstory. I was born in Canada at the factory owned by Stuffed Animal House and on January 15, 2005 I was adopted by some travelers from the United States and made my way to Denver, Colorado. Stuffed Animal House's staff were surfing the web, looking for Vancouver Island Marmots that they manufacture and came across my page at Marmot Adventures. And so came the e-mail. Needless to say, I sent back an answer.
Hi, Heather!

I remember being born in Canada and moving to the United States! Hugs to all my family! Maybe we'll meet one day!

And I had a plan. Twice a year there is a huge retail show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. It is the Denver Gift, Home, Jewelry and Resort Show and it draws vendors and merchants from all across the United States. The show is closed to the general public, but I have a friend in retail who arranged for me come in as a guest and gave me an opportunity to meet the representatives from Stuffed Animal House. How cool is that? And who did I meet? Debbie and Heather, the Stuffed Animal House representatives and yes, it was the same Heather who sent me the e-mail! That was so much fun! And I got to meet “the family” – all the stuffed animals who came to Denver to show off the wares of the manufacturer. I had a wonderful day visiting with everyone and, biased as I may be, I think that Stuffed Animal House makes some of the best stuffed animals in the business!

Snow poses on the balcony overlooking the large room of the Denver Merchandise Mart main showroom building.
(taken by Snow on February 27, 2010)
Stuffed Animal House's life-sized Rocky Mountain Goat.
(taken by Snow on February 27, 2010)
Stuffed Animal House brought a lot of animals. A lot of large ones and a lot of small ones. I have a huge extended family!
(taken by Snow on February 27, 2010)
Heather and Snow at the Stuffed Animal House booth.
(taken by Snow on February 27, 2010)

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