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Beware of the Coming Daylight Saving Time!
by Stormy on March 13, 2010

Hibernation is fun, but when you wake up in the spring, you never really know what time it is.

A bunch of us marmots gathered today to try and figure out this Daylight Saving Time thing. Not everyone knew why daylight needs to be saved, so it was a point of great debate. We tried to use the established scientific method to figure out why time is in jeopardy. We compared what would happen if the clocks were kept where they are and what would happen if all the clocks were moved an hour forward and best as we can figure, the sun will continue to rise and set and all other things would happen as expected, with the exception of the tragic loss of one hour when the clock is moved an hour forward. This is a very puzzling practice. Sleep is hard to come by as it is in our busy world. Deliberately taking away an hour of sleep time is absolutely criminal! To complicate things more, hibernating animals may wake up a little earlier or a little later, depending on age, physical shape and environmental conditions, among other factors. So let's say I roll out of my burrow one morning and check the time andů? I could be running late just by the sheer virtue of when I woke up! That hardly seems fair. As a group we decided that other than confusing animals and people, Daylight Saving Time doesn't do anything useful. As a group, we will be starting a petition to have this silly practice abolished. Oh, and please don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke alarms and perhaps even buy a new one, just to be on the safe side!

The marmots contemplate the differences in Mountain Daylight and Mountain Standard time.
(taken by Stormy on March 13, 2010)

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