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Stormy, the Weather Sage
by Stormy on March 20, 2010

One final battle with winter as we turn the corner towards spring.

Some days you are really lucky and some days you’re really good. Most of the time I say that I would rather be lucky than good. Dumb luck has never hurt anyone, but in this particular case, I must say, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it! A lot of people scuff at marmots predicting weather. I get a lot of comments like, “You’re a marmot, not a groundhog!” Well, groundhogs are marmots! And weather prediction is a family trait. Marmot family, that is! On Groundhog Day (Marmot Day for those of you in Alaska) I made a claim that winter was far from over. I made this statement based on time tested tradition. As every year, friends denounced my forecast, media scoffed at me and the family just hibernated. March 19, 2010. My prediction came true on the last day of winter. Up to a foot of snow fell in Denver, two feet and more in the mountains. It’s the wet, heavy snow, too, the type that makes you think that winter is ready to give way to spring. It snowed all day Friday and when Saturday came, the sky was a clear blue and the ground fluffy white. I moseyed out of the burrow and stuck the ruler in the snow. 8”, sagging under its own weight! Now I’m ready for spring. Happy vernal equinox! Yep, this marmot sure knows weather!

Stormy sits on a patio table covered over with snow.
(taken by Stormy on March 20, 2010)

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