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National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
by Stormy on May 08, 2010

Are you ready?

Today is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, a day when humans have to make sure that their pets are ready for anything. Just like it's important for humans to have an emergency kit available in the event of disaster, it's equally vital for pets to have the same available should anything go wrong. Hurricane Katrina was an eye opening event for emergency responders when they discovered that the majority of Americans view their pets as an extension of their family and will refuse to evacuate or to go to a shelter if their pets are not permitted to come along. That's right, people have overwhelmingly refused to receive care and comfort if it meant that they must leave their best friends behind. National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is one of the many measures enacted to help people keep their pets safe and comfortable in the event an evacuation is required. Many agencies that run shelters have reevaluated the way they design their shelters and how they deal with those seeking refuge. Pets are now seen as an inalienable part of the American culture. But having an opportunity to evacuate with your pet is not enough. It is still your responsibility as the pet's owner/caretaker/parent/sibling to make sure that your pet has the required gear and supplies to be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours. Disasters are rarely anticipated and government and private response takes time to mobilize. Until such time that you can receive outside help, you need to make sure that you and your animal companions are able to take care of your basic survival needs. So what do you need to make sure your pets are good to evacuate in the event of a disaster? I found a good starter list at Get your disaster supplies to help your furry friends out should the unthinkable happen! After all, who else has been as loyal, as loving, as committed to you are your pet? Is your pet ready?

The marmots are ready to deal with any emergency.
(taken by Stormy on May 08, 2010)

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