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National Doughnut Day!
by Stormy on June 04, 2010

Did you know? The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day!

It's Friday night and the marmots are gathering in preparation for the weekend. What to do? According to the news, it's National Doughnut Day! Did you know there was such a thing? How to celebrate? Quick research shows that the proper celebration of the National Doughnut Day is to go out and have some doughnuts. Well, that's simple enough and it's a well known fact that we marmots don't turn down sweets. Problem is, all the doughnut shops are closed this late at night. So we're going with plan B the grocery store! Off to the store we went. We had to climb up on one another to see over the counter and ask the surprised clerk for a box of doughnuts. Good thing there was a pack of us. A dozen assorted doughnuts in a cardboard box turned out to be pretty heavy. We managed to get the box home, pulled out some fruit and had a proper party. We marmots sure know how to party! So, where did the National Doughnut Day come from? It turns out that back in 1938 the Salvation Army invented this holiday. It was created to acknowledge the Salvation Army volunteers who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. That's a good tradition! Freedom and doughnuts. A perfect match!

The marmots packing away doughnuts, strawberries and cherries. Does this spread go with beer?
(taken by Stormy on June 04, 2010)
Our friend Sandy Cat wanted to know what we were doing, so we offered her a doughnut, too.
(taken by 1 on June 04, 2010)

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