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Groundhog Day 2014
by Stormy on February 02, 2014

Is it a beautiful winter day?

I may sound like a broken record, but I'm thinking six more weeks of winter...

I ventured out this morning in 12F weather and planted my butt in the snow. The sun was out, hitting my butt, although it didn't feel warm at all. It was downright chilly, especially the melting snow getting stuck between the toes! It actually made me regret getting out of bed this morning at all!

Directly in front of me was this huge marmot shadow, making me think that the specter of winter is far from gone. Let's face it, everyone needs snow in this multi-year draught, so that alone makes me lean towards a lengthy and snowy winter, but personal desires aside, the weather today is bright, cold and I saw my shadow. It was larger than life! Six more weeks of winter it is.

As I was heading back in my burrow, I heard the coyotes in the wetlands across the way arguing about dinner. Apparently they found a super bowl and were trying to decide if it's a sea hawk or a bronco that they will be having for dinner tonight. I'm glad they had no marmots on the menu. I wish them luck with their dinner plans.

Good night. I'm not coming out until things warm up in a major way!

Ready for battle in the cold of winter!
(taken by Stormy on February 02, 2014)

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