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Winter Frost
by Stormy on February 08, 2014

There's winter cold and there's colder than winter...

This has been a very cold week in Colorado and across the country. The official temperature for the Denver metropolitan area dipped down to -15F, but was well behind Colorado's low dip for the night, which sunk all the way down to -26F in Walden the same night. And those temperatures are before the frigid wind chill!

It's very unusual for Denver to be this cold and virtually unheard of for this weather to last a whole week.

We didn't quite reach the temperatures pushing a painful -30F in the Great Lakes region, but -15F is still pretty cold. Our local newspaper, the Aurora Sentinel, made a point of reminding us that Groundhog Day wasn't a picnic anywhere in the country. I should send Phil a card and see how he's doing. He may not be my favorite groundhog, but professional courtesy still goes a long way in this business. (But I do appreciate cartoonist Nate Beeler making fun of Phil.)

I'm definitely sticking to my winter forecast. It's cold out there!

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