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The Grand Prize
by Stormy on April 18, 2014

Breaking News - the Holy Grail has been located!

Tonight was the big night! I visited the Aurora Fox Theater to see Spamalot and witness the awarding of the grand prize to the winner of the Quest for the Holy Grail!

Meet Nate. He's 9. He never geocached before. He just started a month ago when the first Quest for the Holy Grail cache was placed. He completed the first three caches and on Thursday, April 10, he was sitting with his mother in their car at 5:30 AM, waiting for the last clue to be announced. What some people do to win a contest!

Believe it or not, never having done this before, Nate crushed the competition! He solved the puzzle and got to be the guest of honor at tonight's performance. He helped King Arthur and the knights find the Holy Grail, got a gift basket, a $500 award and a can of spam, all to a standing ovation from a packed house. Go get 'em, kid! And congratulations! It was well deserved!

Aurora Fox Marketing Director Patricia Wells takes a picture of Stormy in front of the theater.
(taken by Stormy on April 18, 2014)
Stormy and Nate, on the Spamalot stage, posing for Patricia Wells, with Nate holding his $500 check.
(taken by Stormy on April 18, 2014)
The Aurora Fox Theater by night. Great lighting!
(taken by Stormy on April 18, 2014)
Nate and the cast of Spamalot.
(taken by Aurora Fox on April 18, 2014)

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