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Buckle in! Winter's Coming!
by Stormy on February 02, 2019

In the very least, Winter does have an intent to linger.

It's been years since Punxsutawney Phil and I agreed on anything. Three to be exact. This year, of course, is no different. Phil's morning forecast was for an early spring. Quite clearly the cold weather of this past week froze his little furry brain. Groundhog memories are short and a bit of a thaw can certainly lead one down the false path of hope.

I am not a contrarian, but I don't agree with Phil's methods. Winter is winter. Cold is cold. We just had a taste and there will be more coming. When my toes hit the snow this morning and the sun was at my back, I distinctly saw an ominous shadow that is the specter of winter to come.

Wise meteorologists like to remind everyone that winter always ends on March 20, on Spring Equinox, and that's a great calendar measure, but weather patterns reserve the right not to align with dates on the calendar. This year I see winter persisting, at least for the length of winter itself, if not a hair longer. It may not be a popular opinion, but I stand by this prediction.

The specter of winter to come.
(taken by Stormy on February 02, 2019)

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