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Super Bowl LIV
by Stormy on February 02, 2020

It seems that today is a double holiday.

I've gotten a question several times today that I'm not equipped to answer. "Who will win the Super Bowl this year?"

I don't know. I'm just a marmot! And my prognostication is limited in general. Just one seasonal climatological prediction per year. Winter's coming. Brace for it.

I don't know much about sports. Marmots climb rocks, play chase. Sometimes they bite one another. Food, shelter and procreation are really high up on the priority list and can start a fight. Otherwise we don't really care much about sports. They don't move the Darwinian needle any.

On a personal level I'm far more interested in the Super Bowl commercials. They're entertaining and some have a good social message. I'm particularly interested in the fate of Mr. Peanut. I love peanuts! His death has been a very traumatic experience for me.

Super Bowl LIV on Groundhog Day!
(taken by NFL on February 02, 2020)

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